When you or anyone in the Club clicks on your name, they will go to your profile which shows your Activity Stream by default. They can of course then click through to your Profile page, Photos, Videos etc.

Your Activity stream will show your personal activity on the Club. This includes:

  • Status updates
  • Photos and videos you have shared
  • Community or friend activity you have shared
  • Groups you have joined


When you are on your own page, there is a status update box at the top of the activity stream. You can update your status here, as you would in other parts of the Club.








Across the top of the status box you will notice the options to filter your activity stream to show:

  • Your Stream: no filter, will show everything as detailed in the list below
  • Personal: shows your activities throughout the site
  • Mentions: shows a list of all @mentions for you
  • Favorites: shows a list of all items you clicked as "Favorite" Note that "Favorite" is similar to "like" on some other social media sites
  • Friends: Shows activity streams of your friends
  • Groups: Shows the activity streams of the groups you have joined

In addition, to the right, there is a select box, where "Everything" is the default to show. You can further filter this to show less content.