Sharing anything in the Club is generally referred to as updating your status.

This may be writing a few words, sharing a link to a story online, or sharing a photo or video.

When you are in your own profile, in a group, or in the main activity stream, you will find the status box at the top of the page.



To update your status:

  1. Click or tap inside the status update box
  2. Type your update
  3. Select your privacy option from the drop down options. Default is logged in users (all members)
  4. Select where to post - on your profile or in one of your groups. Default is on your profile
  5. Click on Post Update



Post Privacy

When posting an update you can select who can see what you post. The options are:

  • Logged in users (default) - will be seen by all members of the MDM Club
  • Private - will only be seen by you
  • Friends - will only be seen by you and your MDM Club friends
  • Public - will only be seen by members of the MDM Club as the Club as a whole is protected and not viewable by non-members. 


Post Options

When posting from the main activity page you can select where your update will be posted.

Below the status box in a drop down box next to the words Post in.

You can select to post you update in:

  • Your profile (default); or
  • Any one of the groups that you have joined