When you view posts from other members, including your Club friends, in your activity feed, you will see some posts that you particularly like or have an opinion about. You have the option to favourite, comment and share posts.

Note that favourite is the equivalent of 'like' that is used on many other social media platforms.



To favorite a post:

  1. Click on the word Favorite at the base of the post you like
  2. When you click, the button will change to say 'remove favorite'
  3. If you clicked in error, you can click again



To comment on a post:

  1. Click the comment button below the post
  2. Type your comment in the comment field that appears
  3. Click POST



When you see something in the activity feed that you think your friends will like, you can share it.

To share a post:

  1. Click on the Share button at the bottom of the post that you like
  2. In the drop down box that appears, select 'Share with custom text' if you wish to add some text before sharing the post. An edit box will then appear and you can type your text.
  3. Else, select where you would like to share the post to - one of your groups or to site-wide activity. 
  4. Select the privacy settings for your shared post, the default is to all logged in users. You may want to only share it with your friends.
  5. Click Share this activity (arrow icon button) or Cancel (cross button)
  6. The post has now been shared