As well as your personal activity stream that you will find in your profile, the MDM Club has a community wide activity stream, that you will find via the Activity link in the main menu.

The Activity stream will show the activity on the Club. This includes:

  • Status updates
  • Photos and videos members have shared
  • Groups that have been created

You can filter what is shown in the activity stream by using the select box, where "Everything" is the default to show. Use this to show less content.

One good way to filter the feed to see what is going on, is to filter by Group Updates or by New Groups, to see what is happening inside some of the groups. You may find some interesting groups and discussions this way and find some new groups to join.


There is a status update box at the top of the activity stream. You can update your status here, as you would in other parts of the Club and on your own profile page.