The MDM Club is not a dating website. However, we understand that in the world of social media that some people will look for a relationship through the MDM Club.

There are many people inside the Club who do not want to be approached by members looking for a relationship or dating. For that reason, members are required to indicate on their profile if they are open to dating or not.

If you want to approach someone about a relationship or dating, then you must first check that member’s profile to check what they have indicated with respect to relationships and dating. See image below.



The image below shows the options and explanation when you edit your profile to respond to this question for yourself.


It is your responsibility to check. If complaints are received from other members about approaches from you, against their wishes, you risk being banned from the MDM Club.

To find a relationship, we recommend the following steps:

  1. Complete your profile
  2. Start interacting on the Club and get involved in groups and conversations
  3. Become friends with people you enjoy chatting to
  4. Some of your friends will become closer friends if you have more things in common
  5. Progress beyond friendship if both parties are interested


Remember, most people who join the MDM Club are hoping to meet some new friends.

Click here to learn about meeting new friends in the Club.

To make a new friend we suggest that you have some interaction with someone before you invite them to be your friend inside the Club. The makes sure that the group of friends you create are people you know you want to chat with and get to know better. It also means they will know who you are when they receive your friendship request and are therefore more likely to accept.

Similarly, if you are looking for a relationship, it is important to get to know a person first and interact with them in the Club as friends before progressing beyond friendship.