Finding friends inside the MDM Club is all about finding people who you enjoy chatting with about things you have in common or both enjoy.

Joining in conversations on other people’s posts is a good way to start meeting people. We encourage you to start interacting on posts you like in the activity stream. If you make a comment, the person who posted the update and/or other members will most likely comment as well.

Joining groups that are focused on things that you are interested in, is an ideal way to find other people who are also interested in that issue. For example, joining a group about accessible technology will link you up with a group of people who share that interest.

You can post status updates, including photos and videos, whenever you like. Other members will see your posts and comment or favourite (like) what your post. This is another excellent way to start a conversation.


MDM Club Activity Feed

Visit the main activity stream of the Club to see what is happening and find posts that you can engage with and people you can meet.

Click here to learn about filtering the activity stream.


New Members Group

The New Members Group is an ideal place to start. Here you will find others who have recently joined the MDM Club. We encourage you to say hello and introduce yourself to the group.

This group will also include some members who have been around a while who will welcome you to the Club.