All members can create a group, if they choose.

For example, if you have a strong interest and passion for photography, you may create a group. Other members will see this group in the group listings and join up if they also have an interest in photography.

Or you might wish to create a group for a specific disability, or for people in your country or region with that disability.


To create a group

  1. Go to the Groups page
  2. Click on the Create a Group option at the top of the list of groups
  3. Complete the set up steps 1-7 (see detailed instructions below). Note that all settings can be amended later by going to the Manage tab within the group
  4. Post a status update to let people know about your new group

As the administrator of the group, you can change any of the settings at any time.


Group Roles

Groups members can have one of four roles within the group.

  1. Administrator - can edit and delete posts in the group, plus manage group settings, membership and roles.
  2. Moderator - can edit and delete posts in the group
  3. Member

For most groups that are created by members and remain relatively small, there probably won’t be a need to allocate the role Moderator.

There will be some groups that will require moderators. This will be suitable for groups that become very large and some groups run by business members who need to ensure that someone is inside the group every day.




The images below are from the set up of the group for MDM Club Announcements.


1. Group Name and Group Description

2. Settings

Select the privacy options, group categories (can be several), and other settings.




3. Docs

Set who can add documents to this group.


4. Photo (Group Avatar)

Adding the group avatar can be a little tricky.

The system will bring in a random image as a default, as you can see one is shown here. The you click on Select your file.

After you load and adjust your file you must click on the CROP IMAGE button or your image will not be saved.

You will know it is all ok when you see it on the next page in the circle, as shown in the images below. There will also be a message telling you it has saved successfully.





5. Media

This setting is about whether you will allow member to add images to albums within your group. This is your choice.


6. Cover Image

Now to add to cover image to your group.

Again, a little tricky as you don't know it has worked until everything is all done.

Click on Select your File


The message above saying 'Delete Group Cover Image' means you have loaded one ok!



7. Send Invites

If you would like to, you can find members you know now to invite to join your group. However, it may be easier to do this later once you have done a couple of posts and started to add some content. It is up to you.

Then click on Finish