When you first join the Club head to your profile page to add more information about yourself.

To visit your profile page click on the My Profile link in the main menu, or any of the other profile links.

Visit Finding your way around the Club to learn all about how to get where you need to inside the Club.



Visit the Profile page of your account by clicking on Profile > Edit in the sidebar menu or the menu that appears below your name in the header of the site.



Privacy Settings

For most profile fields you can set the privacy to hide them from others if you prefer. The privacy setting options are:

  • Everyone: for our community, this means site members only. All content, excluding the Members’ Blog, is only viewable by members.
  • Only Me: no other members will see this information
  • All Members: only members of the MDM Club will see this information
  • My Friends: only your MDM Club friends will see this information

Setting your privacy to Everyone is the same as setting it to All Members as our site is closed to non-members.


To change the default privacy setting, click on the current setting (as circled in the image below). The options available will then display and you can change your selection.

Note that there are a couple of fields where are you unable to change your selection from the default. These fields will not display the icon next to the current selection.





All profile fields are marked as either required or optional.

The following images show all fields available to you in your profile.




Name (required)

Edit this field to display your first and last name.

You are not able to change the privacy settings and your name will be visible to members of the MDM Club.

This is a required field and will already be completed based on the information you completed when you registered for the MDM Club.


Gender (required)

Edit this field and select your gender from the drop-down list.

This is a required field.

Click on the privacy setting if you wish to change it.


Location Information (required)

City/Town - State/Region - Postcode/Zipcode - Country

The location fields will automatically update based on where you are located. You cannot manually overwrite these four fields.

You can change the privacy settings for the City/Town Field and the State/Region field.

The Postcode/Zipcode field is private to you and that privacy setting cannot be changed by you. We do not want that shared more widely in the community.

The Country field is shared will all members by default and that setting cannot be changed by members.


If your location data is not displaying correctly, go to the Update Location tab and click on Reload Geo Data. This will reset all fields to your current location. See the image below.



My Disability (required)

Select your disability or disabilities from the list. You can select all that apply.

When you see a disability in your profile or another members profile you can search based on the disability from this list, in which case completing the field will help people find each other more easily.

Options are included for family members, carers and others with a relationship to someone who lives with disability.

This is a required field.

Click on the privacy setting if you wish to change it.



More Information About My Disability (optional)

Complete this field if you would like to add more information about your disability or, if you do not live with disability, you can share more about your interest in disability. 



About Me (required)

The About Me section is the place for you to write a little about yourself and what you are interested in.

You can write whatever you like. It helps other members to get to know you a little better.

This is a mandatory (compulsory) field.



Relationship Status (optional)

If you wish, you can show your relationship status in your profile.

Select one option from the list.



Relationships and Dating (optional)

Complete this field to indicate if you are open to being contacted by other members about forming relationships and dating.

Select from two options:

  • No, I am not looking for a relationship/dating. Do not contact me about this
  • Yes, I am interested in a relationship/dating. You may contact me about this


Any member who wishes to approach another about dating must check this field in the member’s profile prior to contacting them about dating. Our intention is that this will reduce the number of unwanted approaches to other members.

You are not able to change the privacy settings and your choice will be visible to members of the MDM Club. 

This is a required field.



Birthdate (optional)

Complete this field to enter your date of birth.

You need to select the day, month and year.

Note that your friends will be notified when your birthday is approaching.

Click on the privacy setting if you wish to change it.





When the profile view option is selected after the fields are completed, it looks like the image below. This is what other members will see.

Note that some of the profile date is in blue and can be clicked to find all members who have the same profile characteristic. 



We encourage everyone to add a profile picture. This does not have to be a photo of you. Feel free to add any image.

To change your profile photo:

  1. Select Change Profile Photo from the profile menu
  2. Click on the Select your File button
  3. Drag the corners of the selection box that is over your image to select the portion of your image to crop. That selection will appear in the smaller image box on the right
  4. Click on the Crop image button
  5. A message will now appear to tell you that your photo has been uploaded successfully








We encourage everyone to add a cover photo. This can be a photo of anything and you can change it as often as you like.

The image should be at least 2000px wide and 250px tall and be a landscape orientation so it is wider than it is tall.

To change your cover image:

  1. Select Change Cover Image from the profile menu
  2. Click on the Select your File button
  3. The image will load and will appear immediately on your page
  4. A message will now appear to tell you that your image has been uploaded successfully




Business Members have some additional fields than can be completed in their profile.

Click on the Business Information tab to find the additional fields, which are:

  • Business name
  • Products and services
  • Special offer for MDM Club Members
  • Location
  • Phone number
  • Business website
  • Skype
  • Facebook page
  • Twitter
  • Instagram
  • LinkedIn
  • Other contact details


In coming months, we plan to add business pages to the MDM Club.