Groups can be set up as Public, Private or Hidden.

Public Group is available for anyone to join without approval. The group will appear in the listing of groups.

A Private Group has an approval process for membership. The group will appear in the listing of groups. Some group owners set up a private group so that the group can remain focused on their purpose. For example, a member may create a group for people who live in a specific town or region and prefer to check this is the case before membership is approved.

A Hidden Group can only be seen by members and can only be joined by invitation from a group admin. A hidden group may be created if there is a need to tightly manage the membership. For example, a business member may wish to create a group that is only accessible to their current clients.


Group categories

All groups are allocated to a category. As more groups are added, searching by category will help you find groups that interest you.

Categories include:

  • Broad topic groups
  • Location: Country
  • Location: State/Region
  • Independent Living
  • Lifestyle
  • The Arts
  • Parenting and Child Raising
  • Support / Pensions
  • Specific Disability
  • Business Member Groups

More categories will be added as required. Please let is know if you think a new category is needed.